Taarati Taiaroa
curator & artist

—based in Ōtepoti

e: hello@taarati-taiaroa.info

2016 – ongoing
manifesto, writing, praxis, curation, conversational, research

Between February and December 2016, four members of the Emerging Curators Programme—Fayen d’Evie, Bridget Riggir-Cuddy, Bridget Reweti and I—undertook an idiosyncratic and collaborative inquiry into ‘conversational research’ – a term we devised to encapsulate our varied interests, values and collective politics. In this text I outline a series of principles that the group considered over the span of the year as a means to sketch what ‘conversational research’ is or at least could be. This ‘conversational research’ approach continues to guide my work: this research is ongoing.

A Year of Conscious Practice 
The Emerging Curators Programme 2015-16